It allows easy and transparent mode of interaction between teachers and management.

Parent module is crafted for handling the activities of their child. Parents can interact with faculty, management directly. They can look out their child timetable, daily schedule, Exams report, weekly attendance. Overall this Module will work as a bridge between Schools and their Children. Parents can be in frequent touch of the teachers to keep a check on their teaching abilities.

Parallel campus increases transparency and reduces communication gaps among school authorities and parents and plays a key role in strengthening relationship among them. Its interactive interface with web-enabled features can keep parents informed of school information, meeting agenda and facilitates knowledge sharing which are crucial for students progress. This helps staff to address each individual parent personally which adds to their satisfaction.

Parallel campus allows easy and transparent mode of interaction between teachers and management. Parents can access all the information which are going on in the school and can make to work their ward accordingly. If student's fees is pending, parents would get informed via sms. With the help of this service marks, all events information and performance of their ward can be viewed by parents.

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