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Achieve success through global Parallel Campus Partner Program

Partnership with Parallel Campus means entering into a mutually beneficial agreement to bring education industry leading ERP solutions to the marketplace and implementing these quickly and cost effectively to address the needs of small, midsized, and large institutions equally.

The Parallel Campus Partner Network empowers partner with exceptional programs and features to distinguish your offerings from the competition, seize opportunities, and increase sales with these education industries. Partners are specifically focused on re-selling and delivering the parallel campus platform and education services.

Our partner programs allow you to be efficient and effective, but most importantly…PROFITABLE!

Parallel Campus accredits Platinum and Gold Partners and certifies their solutions. We ensure that the partner’s design and development processes are world class and tests their integration with Parallel Campus software solutions.

Platinum Partner: Large Regional, national or international providers who need the highest levels of benefits and Ownership management engagement along with highest discount and best support incidents.

Gold Partner: Regional or national coverage service providers who have a greater investment in automation and high tech capabilities. For the partners who wants the benefits of good discount and best support incidents.

Silver: Service providers who are experiencing growth and will benefit from larger discounts and more support incidents.

Bronze Partner: Service providers who are looking to grow their business in Education and want the benefits of discounts with minimum signing amount and support incidents.

  • Smart Business Solution
  • Best Service
  • Benefits
  • 10 Reason to be Partnership

Get your business to a highest level with us

  • Custom Designed for SMBs: Parallel Campus deliver the comprehensive features, flexibility, and efficiency that small organizations need, without the hassle, resource requirements, and waste commonly associated with enterprise applications.
  • Parallel Campus feature flexible licensing allowing organizations to easily scale as they grow.
  • Best in Cross-Platform Environments
  • Dependable to access: Based on cutting edge of new technology.
  • Built with security as top priority. Network administrators, users and management gain peace of mind knowing they can rely on our secure and dependable products.
  • Organizations can be confident that our education ERP software not only meet their current needs, but will also advance with future institution trends.

Top Notch Services and Support

  • Based on top notch Microsoft Technology.
  • 24 *7 Experience Technical support.
  • Installation Training.
  • Best Technical Guide and Specification.
  • Automatic Upgrades.

Get the benefits that can help you save time and money while you strengthen your capabilities, better serve customers, and build connections to reach your full business potential.

  • Opportunity to associate with the Market Leader in Education ERP!
  • Strengthens your business and add values to your customers
  • Award winning Partner
  • Access to our global Sales
  • High Return discounts on Investment
  • Special Discounts & Offers
  • Premium Customer Support
  • Commission on every 10 sales

10 Reason to be Partnership

We could give you 100 reasons to consider us over the fly-by-night, but we’ll stick to just 10 so you can get the gist…we wouldn’t want to bore you

  • Industry-Leading ERP School Management software solution
  • Our recognized security partner MXO2
  • Technical presales assistance
  • Offer Your Customers Flexible Deployment Options
  • Affordable Solutions and Services to attract end users
  • Work with a Company Recognized for Partner Support
  • Get world class support team
  • We focus on meeting our partners' needs
  • Platinum partner marketing advertisement
  • Partners affiliate to ISO 9001-2008 Company.